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  • Easy to use

    Don't worry - it is easy to start!

    Phone Alert function in Baby Monitor & Alarm will notify you by phone call to another phone, when there is a noise in child's room. Just set the phone number of second phone and press Start button!

    Sure you can set variouns settings to customize application for your unique baby.

  • Activity log

    Did you child slept silently, or did he had some bad dreams? Thanks to automatic Activity Log in Baby Monitor & Alarm you can check it easily.

    You can even replay all noises, that happen during sleeping or send them to your computer by email.

  • Mommy's Voice & Sweet Dreams

    Send you child back to sleep when he awake during night thanks to Mommy's Voice function without awaking you!

    Or play to your child lullaby or fairytale using Sweet Dreams. Every child fall asleep easily with fairytale, right?

  • Ample Application Settings

    Every baby is unique - especially yours. As parents ourselves, we are well aware of this, and we have prepared the settings screen so that you can personalize everything about your 'Baby Monitor & Alarm'.

  • Quick Help

    Quick in-application help will guide you through all major application features. Just click on question mark icon!

    Our support department is also ready to help you - please click on left button on our web site for Chat with us or Contact us.